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By letting data lead the way, we are able to make informed and concise decisions across all areas of publishing. From traffic sources to ad partners, all of our decisions are backed by relevant data.

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Marketing in the digital age is part creativity and part data interpretation. To ensure the most engaging journey for our visitors, we weave relevant data throughout the fabric of our entire creative process.

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Through our traffic acquisition strategies, we are able to see which audience segments are the most engaged so we can better narrow and refine our focus. Through this process, we are able to cultivate the most responsive audiences for our advertisers.


It is our belief that the web serves many important functions. Whether it is to learn or entertain, we believe that providing the right experience for the right person at the right time is what the Internet is all about. We strive to make the Internet as useful a place as possible for both users and advertisers.

Our mission is to build websites and web content that engage our targeted audiences by providing fun, enjoyable, and interesting information. By reaching very specific audiences, we in turn provide exceptional value to our advertising partners.


ND2A Web Properties

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QuizHook is where entertainment and education meet. With quizzes on a variety of subjects ranging from movie quotes to science trivia, anyone can find a quiz to enjoy here.

we love science


OOTBS makes science fun and accessible, featuring in-depth articles on trending topics.

crowdsourced comparison shopping


Top10.today is a comparison shopping site that provides a unique ranking methodology to help consumers find the best products across the web.

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