5 Ways to Prepare for Your Marketing Internship

Everyone has different ways of getting ready before starting a new internship. When you’re preparing to intern in the marketing field, however, you may be wondering the best way to navigate the complex world of market research or campaign management. That’s why we’ve composed a list of the five best ways to prepare for your next marketing internship.

Research the Company

Before the first day on the job, you should know who you’re working for. In other words, you’ll want to know enough background information on the company to be able to hold a conversation with someone who may be unfamiliar with it. Some good questions to consider when conducting your research are: How long has the company been around? Who is the company serving in your community? What is the company’s brand? And maybe most importantly: Who are their competitors?

Browsing the company’s website each day before and during your internship to familiarize yourself with employees, projects, and community involvement will help you gather all the information you need.

Refresh Your Skills

Take a look at the job description again and pay attention to what the company wants you to do. Go back to past projects you’ve completed to familiarize yourself with how you either successfully—or unsuccessfully—completed them and take this knowledge with you on the first day.

Ask Questions

Plain and simple: if you don’t know how to do something or you’re confused on what project to work on next while you’re in the office, ask someone. By asking questions, you save everyone’s time, including your own. Plus, it’s always a good idea to ask coworkers who may not have time to complete all their tasks how you can help them. They’ll be grateful you took the time to care.

Be Available

You want to keep busy at your internship to make sure you provide the company value. It’s important as an intern to keep an open mind to new learning opportunities. This means being available for help with anything, no matter how insignificant the job may seem.

Be ready to walk in the first day with a “yes” attitude. If you can make coffee, write up a proposal, and even edit photos for the company website, you will become an adaptable, valuable asset at your internship.

Share Your Ideas

So, you’re ready to start your internship. You’ve researched the company, reviewed past projects on your resume, and come up with questions for your coworkers. By now, you’ve hopefully come up with a few ideas on how and where you could help the company grow with your specific skills.

Remember: they hired you for a reason. Maybe they want you to research new markets where their business could grow. Or, maybe they need help building a stronger audience reach for their website. Regardless, come up with some ideas for how the company could improve and then share them with your employer! The worst they could say is, “We’ve already tried that.” But then at least you’d know the next step to take for improvement.

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