5 Ways to Prepare for Your Marketing Internship

marketing internship

Everyone has different ways of getting ready before starting a new internship. When you’re preparing to intern in the marketing field, however, you may be wondering the best way to navigate the complex world of market research or campaign management. That’s why we’ve composed a list of the five best ways to prepare for your next marketing internship. Research the Company Before the first day on the job, you should know who you’re working for. In other words, you’ll want …

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The Dos and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

How digital marketing is changing the world of advertising.

In the world of digital marketing, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of the game. A few bad campaigns can make it or break for a new business, and consistently bad campaigns can tarnish the reputation of even the most established brands. So, what should advertisers be ditching, and what should they be implementing instead? Check out these dos and don’ts of digital marketing to get ahead of the competition! The Dos: Invest in search engine optimization. …

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Audience Segmentation Tips to Help Your Marketing Plan

We all want our marketing plans to maximize profits and build a loyal consumer base. The best way to do this? Know your audience and speak to their values, experiences, wants, and needs. Narrowing your audiences helps make this task much more manageable. Dividing potential audiences into consumer subgroups based on certain criterion, such as purchasing habits, geography, and demographics, is known as audience segmentation.   By segmenting audiences, you can find a group of like-minded potential customers that are …

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Marketing Trends in Artificial Intelligence Use

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer restricted to science fiction, now being actively employed in several industries. The automotive industry, for example, is implementing AI to design self-driving cars for convenience, eliminating crashes caused by human error, and reducing carbon waste. In marketing, companies utilize AI to maximize profits and gain valuable information on consumer trends.   Why is AI used in marketing?   AI is valuable in marketing because it can synthesize vast amounts of information in an efficient …

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What’s the Big Deal with Consumer Privacy in Marketing?

Although many other countries have comprehensive legislation regarding the protection of consumer privacy, the United States has relatively lax laws, particularly in regards to online data. Recent events, like the Facebook—Cambridge Analytica scandal, emphasize the growing need for further discussion on the regulation and ethics of collecting and selling of consumer data.   What is consumer privacy?   Consumer privacy, broadly speaking, is the idea that consumers expect their information to be kept secure and used ethically by those with …

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